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Wellis Myline Venus

Was £6,999

Now £6,250 – Save £749

The Venus Spa delivers a memorable encounter for up to six individuals simultaneously. The jet configuration guarantees an optimal massage for the neck and shoulders, complemented by myhip jets that administer a waist and hip massage comparable to that of professionals. This model is further enhanced by the inclusion of a myseat reclining area.

Seating Capacity 6 Adults (Inc 1 lounger)
Dimensions 2150 x 2150 mm
Water Capacity 1450 liters
Dry Weight 330 kg
Holiday home hot tub

Cove Retreat

Was – £6,795

Now £5,950 – Save £845

Discover an unmatched chance with the Cove Retreat Spa. Hosting up to five people, it’s a canvas for crafting cherished family memories or seeking solace from daily demands, catering to both couples seeking respite and individuals looking for tranquility.

Experience invigorating hydrotherapy targeting tense muscles through its powerful jets. Moreover, Cove’s unique DTS (Dual Therapy System) introduces a gentle, holistic body therapy that complements the precise conventional jets.

Seating Capacity 5 Adults
Dimensions 2030 x 1770 mm
Water Capacity 1060 liters
Dry Weight 180 kg
Compact circular hot tub

Cove Impulse

Step into the Cove lifestyle with our perfect introduction! Despite its 31-inch depth, this model embodies all the attributes and benefits of our larger tubs, featuring unrestrictive seating that beautifully balances aesthetics and functionality. The Impulse comfortably seats 4 adults and is enhanced with the revolutionary DTS (Dual Therapy System).

Available for £4,990

Seating Capacity 4 adults
Dimensions 199 cm
Water Capacity 1005 liters
Dry Weight 129 kg

Wellis Myline Palermo

The Palermo stands as the ultimate spa choice for families, offering a harmonious fusion of durability, ergonomic design, and energy efficiency within a single product. The primary seat, enriched with jets targeting the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips, bestows beneficial effects on blood circulation within these regions.

Available for £7,999

Seating Capacity 5 Adults (Inc 2 loungers)
Dimensions 2180 x 2180 mm
Water Capacity 1100 liters
Dry Weight 350 kg

Week End 536L

Was – £6,999

Now £5,850 – Save £1,149

Effortlessly manage every function in this spacious spa with ease! Experience a diverse array of tailored innovations in this model, including calf massage jets in lounge seats for optimal relaxation and muscle relief, enabling you to enjoy a comprehensive full-body massage in the comfort of your home.

Seating Capacity 6 adults (Inc 1 lounger)
Dimensions 2150 x 1900 mm
Water Capacity 713 liters
Dry Weight 280 kg

Garden Leisure 680L

Was – £8,995

Now £7,495 – Save £1,500

Introducing the Garden Leisure 680L, a hot tub with a single lounger and dual pumps, boasting an impressive array of 80 jets and enhanced by captivating lighting elements. With its added hydrotherapy and atmospheric lighting, it stands as the ultimate garden sanctuary, offering an impeccable escape right at your doorstep.

Seating Capacity 6 adults (Inc 1 lounger)
Dimensions 2140 x 2140 mm
Water Capacity 1250 liters
Dry Weight 371 kg

Garden Leisure 334L

Was – £7,000

Now £6,250 – Save £750

Crafted with the same meticulous focus on comfort and intricate details as its larger counterparts within the range, the Garden-334L offers an uncompromised experience in a more compact form. Embrace excellence without compromise in this thoughtfully designed spa.

Seating Capacity 3 adults (Inc 2 lounger)
Dimensions 2140 x 1650 mm
Water Capacity 796 liters
Dry Weight 301 kg

Garden Leisure 642L

Was – £7,995

Now £6,495 – Save £1,500

As you enter the Garden-642L, the spaciousness envelops you in comfort. Embrace true relaxation as you recline in the luxurious lounger or choose from the inviting selection of multi-level seats, allowing you to find your perfect spot for unwinding.

Seating Capacity 6 Adults (INC Lounger)
Dimensions 2140 x 2140 mm
Water Capacity 1250 liters
Dry Weight 361 kg

Garden Leisure 742L

Was – £7,995

Now £6,495 – Save £1500

Indulge in the ultimate hydrotherapy experience with the Garden-742, an exclusively designed all-seating model that boasts an expansive, extra-large footwell. With its spacious design, this exceptional spa accommodates up to 7 individuals, ensuring that everyone can luxuriate in the rejuvenating benefits of hydrotherapy in utmost comfort.

Seating Capacity 7 Adults
Dimensions 2140mm x 2140 mm
Water Capacity498  1250 liters
Dry Weight 371 kg

Garden Leisure 696L

Was – £11,000

Now £8,000 – Save £3,000

Step into a realm of blissful tranquility with the Garden-696GL, featuring a lavish lounger designed to envelop you in unparalleled relaxation, soothing multiple areas of your body simultaneously. Could this hot tub be the epitome of your daily retreat, offering the ultimate haven to unwind at the close of each day?

Seating Capacity 3 adults (Inc 2 lounger)
Dimensions 2000mm x 1500 mm
Water Capacity498 498 liters
Dry Weight 250 kg

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