Wellis Swim Spa – Amazonas W Flow

Wellis Swim Spa

Amazonas W Flow

Exceptional solutions, available with semi canbinet design. Immersive visuals: two sides illuminated fountain jets. A side-mounted filter housing in now placed at the end of the swimming area, so that the floating area is wider, more than 50cm. W-FLow: specific training solutions with customizable swim features.

  • Swim Spa for rowing
Seating Diameter Height Weight (Dry) Water Capacity Total Jets Sanitation Amps
Swim area + 3 sitting 5500 x 2350 mm 1470mm 1150kg 8036L 28 + 6 fountain UV-c + anti bac 60 AMP
Control Amp Insulation Heater Light Pump Spa Cover Music Finance?
Wifi touch screen 1cm polyfoam with thermal mirror film – WPS frame construction 4KW 20LED’s + illuminated control valves 3x2sp + 1x1sp + circ Included Aquasol 4.1 No